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بلاغ حول فتح مناظرة خارجية بالاختبارات لانتداب كتبة تصرف بالسلك الإداري المشترك

تعتزم وزارة المرأة والأسرة والطفولة فتح مناظرة خارجية لانتداب كتبة تصرف بالسلك الإداري المشترك، وتجدون بالبلاغ شروط المشاركة وعدد الخطط، إلى جانب إجراءات الترشح.

Today's wisdom A man remains a child, until his mother dies, and if he dies, he suddenly dies. Life ladder can not climb and your hand in your pocket. My silence does not mean ignorance of what is going on around me, but what is going on around me is not worth talking to. Three can not be hidden: camel, camel passenger, love. Love does not kill anyone but makes it between life and death. His concern is long over his concern. The higher the man, the more clouds around him. Do not seek injustice for unjust, so as not to be prey to the two. Brothers as bad as fire burn each other.