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Educational jobs | Teachers Plus educational institution in the UAE August 2020

Educational jobs | Teachers Plus educational institution in the UAE  August 2020
Teachers Plus educational institution

Educational jobs | Teachers Plus educational institution in the UAE August 2020

Teachers Plus, the leading educational institution at the international level, has announced the availability of a number of vacancies in the UAE, more details:

At International Teachers Plus, we separate ourselves from other educator enrollment organizations since we have confidence in including a PLUS in serving the global instructors network and their new schools. We do this by building up Teacher-Employer Partnerships and offering types of assistance dependent on common comprehension and regard for the understudies, guardians and school needs.


International Teachers Plus Kanata Research Park.

Job Details

  • Arabic Teachers
  • Art Teacher
  • Assistant Principal of Elementary
  • Aviation Engineering Assistant Professor
  • Aviation Workshop Engineer Technician
  • Biology Teachers
  • Business and/or Accounting Teachers
  • Chemistry Secondary Teachers
  • Creative Design Teacher
  • DIRECTOR of Nursery Schools
  • Drama Teacher
  • Early Years-KG and Primary Teachers
  • Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Teachers
  • Electro-Mechanical Engineering Teacher
  • English Teachers
  • Head of Arabic Department
  • Head of Math Department
  • ICT - Computer Science Teachers
  • Lab Technicians for Chemistry or Physics or IT
  • Math Teacher
  • Math Teachers
  • Mechanical and Electrical Workshop Engineer Technician
  • Music Teacher - Relocate to Dubai UAE
  • Nursery-Early Years Teachers
  • Nursing Associate Professors
  • Paramedic - Emergency Health Senior Instructor
  • PE Teacher
  • PE Teachers
  • Pharmacology Associate Professors
  • Physics Teachers
  • Physiotherapy Associate Professor
  • Primary Teachers
  • Psychology Professor for UAE
  • Radiology Associate Professor
  • School Counsellor for Elementary-Secondary School - Relocate to Dubai UAE
  • Science Teacher (Chemistry-Physics-Biology)
  • US Social Studies Teacher

Job Description

Create exercise designs in accordance with educational plan targets explicit for showing ARABIC at Primary-Middle-Secondary evaluation levels. Train through talks, conversations, and exhibits. Use PCs, varying media helps, and other hardware and materials to enhance introductions. Adjust showing techniques and instructional materials to meet the differing needs and interests of understudies. Encourage learning by setting up a relationship with understudies and arranging learning assets and the homeroom condition.

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent;
  • knowledge of education principles and practices;
  • knowledge of education principles;
  • knowledge of education reporting;
  • Knowledge of local, state and federal laws regarding education;
  • technical  skills;
  • previous experience of education.


  • Education with a good experience in education and office admin works
  • Candidate should have experience  1 year at least
  • Should be able to speak Arabic and English.

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