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Educational jobs | Ansar International School Emirates

Educational jobs |  Ansar International School Emirates
Ansar International School Emirates

Ansar International School Emirates, has announced the availability of a number of vacancies for it, in many specialties, details:

Al-Ansar School is a private global school, certify to the Ministry of Education in the United Arab Emirates. It began in the year 1422 AH - 2001 AD with the kindergarten and essential levels, at that point extended in the next years, including the preliminary and auxiliary levels. In 2003-2004 the school was certify to the renowned Cambridge International University, and it turned into an official place for the British High School Examinations (IGCSE).


Al Qaryan-3, 43114, Sharjah, UAE.

Job Details

  • A QC employee is required.
  • HR Officer required.
  • Curriculum Chair is required (Academic Head / Academic Director).
  • Educational supervisor is required.
  • Team leader is required.
  • Assistant team leader is required.
  • Administrative supervisor is required.
  • Administrative assistant is required.
  • An interpreter is required.
  • Transportation supervisor is required.
  • Bus driver required.
  • Secretary (Student Affairs Specialist) is required.
  • Accountant required.
  • Receptionist required.
  • A doctor is required.
  • Nurse required.
  • Laboratory technician is required.
  • A social worker is required.
  • IT supervisor is required.
  • IT technician is required.
  • Librarian is required.
  • Purchasing and maintenance supervisor is required.
  • Supervisor stores uniforms and books are required.
  • Cleaning supervisor is required.
  • A nursery supervisor is required.
  • A nursery assistant is required.
  • Specialist testing is required.
  • Media and activities supervisor is required.
  • Maintenance technician required.
  • Security guard is required.
  • Kindergarten teacher is required.
  • An Arabic language teacher is required (for Arab students).
  • An Arabic language teacher is required (for non-Arab students).
  • Islamic education teacher required (for Arabs).
  • Islamic education teacher is required (for non-Arabs).
  • Social Studies teacher required (for Arabs).
  • Social Studies teacher required (for non-Arabs).
  • An English teacher is required.
  • Mathematics teacher required.
  • General science teacher is required.
  • Computer studies teacher is required.
  • Biology teacher is required.
  • Physics teacher is required.
  • Chemistry teacher required.
  • Therapeutic teacher is required.
  • A private teacher is required.

Job Description

Educational   responsible for the general education function including preparing journal entries, maintaining balance sheet schedules and ledgers and account and bank reconciliations. Assisting with monthly closings and account analysis and supporting the senior education in carrying out the responsibilities of the accounting department.

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent;
  • knowledge of education principles and practices;
  • Knowledge of local, state and federal laws regarding accounting, finances and taxation;
  • technical education skills;
  • previous experience of general education;
  • proficiency in relevant education software.


  • Education with a good experience and office admin works
  • Candidate should have experience in UAE for 1 year at least
  • Candidate should be a female and have a bachelor degree
  • Should be able to speak Arabic and English.

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